Green Endeavor Eliminates Dangerous Chemicals in Guam

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Darren Crisfield

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On October 9, 2014
Last modified:May 13, 2019


( Stars*****) We are in the business of making things look good at the end of a construction project.  Green Endeavor has helped us eliminate the need for corrosive and dangerous products to remove hard to clean cement effluent from fragile surfaces.  We replaced MCL and HCL with Envirosafe to easily clean anodized metal railings, window moldings, windows, tile work and more.  We have also replaced MCL with Foro to bring down the PH on poured cement so paint adheres properly.  Lastly, we replaced ammonia based window cleaning products with Synclean HD.  We were able to dilute this out 50:1 and our cost savings were immense.  We not only saved money with Green Endeavors products, but we also eliminated the possibility of injury to our staff and surrounding workers doing these critical jobs.

Darren Crisfield  President, Architectural Painting Services, Hagatna Guam Phone: (671)646-6939

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